Specification & Conception

New product design and development is often a crucial factor in a success. With our experience we can bring your ideas live and find a suitable solution for all project complexities either by a comprehensive corporate R&D department located in France or with support of long-term partners in Baltics and Nordics.

Your ideas and our expertise can make a cost efficient synergy to save your time.

From security devices to automotive, medical, telecom or multimedia, we have acquired a know-how over 40 years to make your idea work while meeting highest quality standards and market requirements.


We will be glad to provide any additional information. Write to our Tallinn office and we will answer your questions.



Our experienced New Product Introduction (NPI) team focuses on bringing your products to live starting from early prototyping till full speed production ramp-up and includes analysis and design of processes, organization of production and manufacturing methods. Well trained team is constantly working to streamline production flow and to avoid losses already from the very beginning of the project. By using structured approaches like DfX (Design for Supply Chain, Assembly, Test, etc.), Lean methodology and following best industry practices we are able to make the most cost-effective solutions and minimize your product quality risks.

Our capabilities include full turnkey solutions for product part sourcing, product manufacturing and testing. Our worldwide presence gives you benefit as products can be simultaneously ramped up and scaled across three continents.


Product design often includes several iterations and evaluations. Early designs and early prototypes give opportunities for product improvements. Time to market also plays a significant role as delays can devastate projects or bring unnecessary complications. With our production which can run 24/7, a quick supply chain, experienced engineering team and your ideas yield in the best possible products.

Product Validation, New Process Verification, new product version or revision – all that is supported by DfX report. Does not matter if this is a one-time build or full product industrialization cycle. We can offer it as a stand-alone service or full turnkey.

We can offer following in-house technologies & processes

Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) – size from 01005″ to big odd-shape components with inline automated optical inspections for solder paste and component placement.

Through hole Technology (THT ) – Wave soldering under nitrogen atmosphere, selective wave soldering, manual soldering, press fit, Pin insertion.

Test – In circuit test (ICT), Fly-probe testing, functional testing,  RF test, LED light test.

Conformal Coating & Sealing – Automated selective  coating and manual coating.

Final assembly – screwing, riveting, punching, ultrasonic welding, dispensing.

Full component, process and product traceability (including collection of process parameters and test data).


Competitive BOM pricing for your products is reached thanks to two main factors:

– Sourcing is coordinated at Corporate level thus we benefit from the entire procurement volume of the Group

– éolane Supply Chain is a dedicated entity based in China to source most of the components we need.

Logistics & Distribution

Box-build and (almost) all logistic requirements can be accommodated for your products.

We offer as well logistical support and can look after, for instance, customer owned inventory or distribution to your end customers.

Aftermarket Services

We can support you with product After-Market Services by offering choice of packages that suit your needs in a best way: Different levels of repair and return services, Product reconditioning, recycling (cosmetic repairs, software upgrades, testing) customization & refurbishment; Logistics assistance and reverse logistics (Repair Rework/Refurbishment Logistics/Reverse logistics Additional/Extended warranty service).